Saturday, 8 January 2011

A Visit to London

Yesterday I took the train up to London to meet my Agent. It was a long journey, but a good one.

It's strange, isn't it - the people we meet on trains. For a few hours that carriage is our world and we swap stories and set the world to rights. Then, when one of us reaches our station we shake hands and say 'Goodbye' like old friends - yet often we still don't know each other's names.

Then on I went into the city to meet Julia. I've met her before of course - I met her that day at the Frome Festival - but this was different. This time I was her client and we were meeting to discuss my book. It was really productive and the next round of revisions are about to begin.

I have to admit though, visiting the city makes me realise how much I love living by the sea. I walked along the beach this afternoon, salt spray on my lips, and watched the surfers playing in the swell.


  1. People on the trains in England and Scotland are friendlier than they are here!
    Good luck with revisions.

  2. How lovely to meet up again with your agent.

    I think once you live by the sea, you can never live far away from it again.

    Good luck with revisions and look forward to final publication.

  3. How exciting to be meeting your agent in London! I bet it felt a bit unreal didn't it? Well done.
    Hope the revisions go well. I love the sea too and would hate to live in a city.

  4. I've just left London. It seemed busier and yet more alone than I ever remembered it. (The intense cold and wet didn't help of course!)

    Good luck with the revisions.

  5. Train rides offer a lot of opportunity to meet new people. Glad you had such a nice experience. Good luck on your revisions.

  6. Thanks for all the good wishes everyone.

    Sue and Julie - good to meet fellow sea people :-)

  7. Beautiful picture!
    It is amazing..meeting strangers on the train and seeing how quickly you can realize a connection you have with them. Often the degrees of separation are so few...and it's strange to realize that there are billions of people in the world all with a story of their own....

  8. I love London (it’s only an hour’s journey from here). But, there’s nothing like getting back out of the city again afterwards – even though I’m about as far inland as it’s possible to be in England.

    Best of luck with your revisions.

  9. That's the great thing isn't it Faith, everybody has a story to tell...

    Ah mystery masked blogger, thanks for stopping by. I think the furthest you can get from the sea on our little island is 70 miles :-)

  10. How exciting to meet your agent! I am sure she is as lovely as she sounds on the phone!


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