Thursday, 13 January 2011

Dear Brucie...

I’ve enjoyed your company. We had fun along the way. From the first moment you barged your way into the text you made me smile, with your odd quirks as you followed the others through the story. You only played a minor part but I had such high hopes for you.

I hate to have to break the bad news but changes have to be made. Your role is too small and one of my other characters can easily serve the same purpose. You and me – it just hasn’t worked.

There isn’t a place for you in the novel any more.

I won’t forget you. But you’re going to have to be…


I’m so sorry Brucie. It’s never nice to delete a dog!


  1. Poor Brucie!

    Perhaps he could star in his very own picture book adventure.

    Sometimes it's all about the delete button.

  2. And another fictional animal bites the dust!

  3. Nooooo. Not a dog. How could you? ;-) But agents LOVE dogs. Think Lynn...

  4. I feel so cruel, but he has to go. ;-)

    But don't worry - the real Brucie is alive and well and will never understand that he was nearly in a book ;-)

  5. awe! lol. You gotta do what you gotta do!

  6. Since my husband's name is Bruce I just had to see who you were talking to!

  7. Oh poor Brucie. Maybe he could cameo ;O)

  8. Haha. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right? :)

    By the way, Brucie is an adorable name for a dog!

  9. @ Caroline - an adorable name for an adorable dog - he belongs to a eally good friend of mine and is everything a good mongrel should be :-)


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