Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Purbeck Literary Festival

Sometimes life gets in the way of writing and recently I’ve been cutting down on author events. However, I did manage to spare a few hours at the weekend to join my fellow Littoralis, Laura James and Kathy Sharp to run a panel event at the Purbeck Literary Festival.

Kathy Sharp manning our table of books

The title of our event was ‘A Foot in the Door – A guide to getting published.’ where we talked about the benefits of being with a small publisher and discussed our experiences.

Although the focus of the day was largely on self-publishing, I hope that many of the authors who attended our event will feel encouraged to explore the small publisher route as a viable option. Certainly our experiences have been very positive, even though we all write in different genres and are published by very different publishers.

Events like this are always a good networking opportunity and it was nice to catch up with local authors. If you are in the area the Purbeck Literary Festival has events running all week so do check out their programme and see if anything takes your fancy.

And if you would like to know a bit more about the Littoralis – four Dorset authors inspired by the sea - then do visit out facebook page for regular updates.