Monday, 17 January 2011

More About Giants

There was a time when Giants roamed this earth. For the people of those ancient times they were a common sight, striding across the landscape. And then they disappeared, lingering only in legend and myth.

So what became of them?

Let me tell you.

The Giants angered the great wizards of the north. It is one thing when they grind the bones of ordinary men for their tea, but when one went a bit too far and fed the noble wizard of Ardsheal to his family, the rest of the wizards rose against them. They held a great council on the plateau mountain and cursed the giants for all time.

Across the world, in an instant all the giants were turned to stone – wherever they were walking, whatever they were doing, in a moment they were gone.

But if you look closely you can sometimes see them, for they form part of the landscape beneath our feet, entombed in the rocks of our hills and cliffs.

And here, as proof, is one of them. If you stand at the right angle you can see his profile in the cliff.

Some say this is the face of Merlin, or Arthur himself. But you and I know different.


  1. That is so neat! I live near a small mountain called The Sleeping Giant because it looks just like a huge man taking a nap. I just love it. :) (And Eleanor Estes wrote a delightful children's book about it.)

  2. What a great spot to be turned to stone, looking out to sea. And lucky you to live near a giant.

  3. That picture is absolutely conclusive proof, I agree.

  4. What an extraordinary photo!

    What a great place to be turned to stone :)

  5. For being interesting and entertaining in the shortest amount of time, I have included you in my list of Stylish Blog Writers! It's just a bit of fun but I did choose my fourteen carefully :) See to see what I'm talking about...

  6. Faith, I love the sound of your sleeping giant. Of course, he's just another one like this fella.

    Thomas and Wendy - well if you're going to be turned to stone anyway....

    And Jaxbee and the enigmatic masked blogger - thankyou both so mush for the stylish blogger award - I'll have to have a think about which blogs to pass it on to!

  7. I know of a few 'men in the mountains'. So cool! I love your story!

  8. We have one of those here too! It's of a First Nations Chief. It's called Indian Head.
    Faith, I lived in Thunder Bay Ontario beside the Sleeping Giant. Is that the same giant?


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