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The Scribbling Sea Serpent: A collection of strange tales.

Published by CFZ Publishing June 2015

But that was not all I saw in the dying light of the falling flare, for the sea was more than an angry foaming mass of spray streaked waved and churning foam. The sea was moving in a different way…

We cannot resist the call of the sea
Enter a strange world where things are never quite what you expect, in this collection of science fiction and weird tales from Kate Kelly.
Ancient ruins, lost civilisations, alien visitors and restless ghosts; sinister technology, environmental disasters, dark secrets of the past and the mysteries that lurk beneath the ocean waves…
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Published Short Stories:

Permafrost, Issues in Earth Science, August 2019
A Legend of Flight, Seren Books April 2019

A Time of Dying, Enter the Aftermath (TANSTAAFL Press) Feb 2018

'Desiccation' Sci Phi Journal July 2017

'Don't Let Them In' Tales of the Damned. CFZ Publishing August 2016
'Desiccation' Jupiter SF # 50 April 2016

'Down to the Sea' Aoife's Kiss September 2011
'High Tide' Jupiter SF #31 January 2011

'Discord' Dark Valentine # 2 September 2010
'Starting Over' MUSE # 1 May 2010
'The Sea and The Sky' Absent Willows Review May 2010.
'Return to Athelnay' Sorcerous Signals May 2010
'Symbionts' The Absent Willow Review February 2010

'Last Traces' Footprints (Hadley Rille Books) July 2009.
'The Oracle' Jupiter SF # 25 July 2009
'The Cone Key' Escape Velocity Magazine # 4 March 2009
'Rosemary Lane' Pseudopod 22nd February 2009

'In the Precinct of Amun-Re' Ruins Metropolis (Hadley Rille Books) July 2008

'Supply Ship' Murky Depths # 1 September 2007
'Icebound' Ruins Terra (Hadley Rille Books) August 2007
'Rosemary Lane' The Willows # 2 July 2007
'One in a Million' Hub # 8 May 2007

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