Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Writing credits to date

Short stories published in 2009

The Last Traces Footprints (Hadley Rille Books) July 2009
The Oracle Jupiter SF 25: Erinome 9 July 2009
Cone Key Escape Velocity #4 March 2009
Rosemary Lane Pseudopod 22 February 2009

Short stories published in 2008

In the Precinct of Amun-Re Ruins Metropolis (Hadley Rille Books) June 2008

Short stories published in 2007.

Supply Ship Murky Depths # 1 September 2007
Icebound Ruins Terra (Hadley Rille Books) August 2007
Rosemary Lane The Willows # 2 July 2007
One in a Million Hub # 8 May 2007 (PDF download available here)

Supply Ship recieved a couple of fairly decent reviews at Tangent Online, SFRevu and Whispers of Wickedness

Let's hope this is only the beginning...


  1. And don't forget, Kate, that you have been commended, or was it highly commended in the Yeovil Literary Prize, haven't you.

    I love your writing. And it IS only the beginning

  2. Hi Kate, 4 stories is more than just "a handful" - you've got a track record in the making there.

    Race you to a book deal! :o)


  3. Hi Kate,

    Just saying hello and that I'm looking forward to seeing more of your blog as it progresses.


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