Friday, 18 April 2008

Meet Gary Styles

This is the pen picture of my character for the Yeovil Writers Group latest project: The 9:29 from Tauton Pebley. I can see some serious misadvesntures coming up for this chap :-)

Meet Gary Styles - Used Car Salesman.

Gary Styles is 26 years old. He has ginger hair which is cropped short, a face covered with freckles and bright blue eyes. He is 5ft10 but if asked will tell you he is 6ft tall, and slight of build. He is dressed in faded jeans with a mauve shirt and red leather tie. He thinks he looks rather dapper. (He is mistaken)

Gary is a used car salesman. Well actually he is a recently sacked used car salesman who is trying to set up on his own. He is on his way to Peepingley to pick up a car he bought at auction the day before, but left round his friend Dave’s house when for some odd reason it stopped within five minutes of driving it away from the auction house and he couldn’t get it going again. (As it was a bargain at < £1K he doesn’t have any comeback.)

Gary is a likeable and well meaning fellow. He tries to portray himself as a bit of a wide boy and a wheeler dealer. However he is something of a hapless muppet, not too bright, and everything he turns his hand to ends in disaster. Just look at his last job on the forecourt of that car supermarket. How was he to know that that car he sold belonged to the MD? Anyone could make a mistake like that. It was really unfair of them to sack him for it! And he got a good price for it too!

Today Gary isn’t feeling too good. He was out on a massive bender last night with his mate Dave and woke up in Tauton Pebley this morning with a fat bird whose name he didn’t know. Thankfully he managed to slip out while she was still asleep and is now on his way back to Dave’s. However his head is pounding and his stomach is churning and he’s sure he’s going to be sick any moment now…

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  1. I really like this. Gary is one of those characters where you think "yeah, I know someone just like that!"


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