Tuesday, 8 April 2008

It's all change at Dark Wisdom

In the short fiction market magazines come, magazines change and magazines fold. Some only last a couple of issues whilst others go to carve out their own special niche. Some never even make it as far as issue 1. Others change their format.

This happened with my story, One in a Million. Hub started life as a print magazine and One in a million was originally accepted for issue 2. However, due to lack of space it had to be bumped to Issue 3. Then Hub reinvented itself as an online zine, and One in a Million finally appeared in Issue 8. Hub has since gone on from strength to strength and now has a readership of over 6000!

And now it looks as if Dark Wisdom Magazine is going the same way. They accepted a story of mine a while ago which was due to appear sometime this year. However, they have just posted a message on their website stating that Dark Wisdom has ceased publication and all accepted stories are now under consideration for a place in one of their forthcoming anthologies. We should hear within the next six months. However, some stories may be dropped.

So it just goes to show, that until a story actually appears in print nothing is certain in this game. And as for my story? Well I’ll just have to wait six months and see if it makes it into the anthology. So for now it’s fingers crossed…


  1. Didn't realise that but I've just visited their site and you're right! I keep looking out for a Horrors Beyond 3 submissions call though... I reckon Elder Signs Press will always be a good market to aim for.

  2. And if they do I'll be joining you in the slush :-)


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