Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Rocks Beneath our Feet.

Everything tells a story, if you just know how to look.

I remember my very first Geology field trip, standing in an old quarry staring at a wall of rock – but what a story that ancient rock face told.

I saw an ancient beach. I saw the ebb and flow of the tides and the ripples that the waters left in the sand, now frozen in stone.

I saw how the seas receded and the vegetation flourished, plants taking root alongside a river channel – I saw millions of years pass by – and then…

Somewhere, not very far off a volcano erupted. One short cataclysm. The lava flooded my lush valley. Only the roots of the plants remained in their scorched soil, everything above ground destroyed by the molten flood.

There are stories all around us, in everything we see and hear, in the rocks beneath our feet and the landscape all around. We only have to know how to look.


  1. An inspiring post, Kate. I’m constantly making notes everywhere I go; things I see, things I hear. You’re right, there’s always a story not so very far away.

  2. so true. everything has a story if you look hard enough. that's why sometimes I'm at a loss to why people can't find inspiration :) it's there if you look under the surface, ALWAYS there, and it will always be there. but sometimmmmmmes we're all a little blind (me included)

  3. Very inspiring, there are stories all around us, I wonder though if the problem is that most of the time we don't have the knowledge to read the signs? I think there is something grounding in just stopping and observing the world, I think it reconnects us.


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