Monday, 20 June 2011

Time to Write

It’s the weekend and it’s raining. “Today,” I think, “I’ll get some writing done.”

I head downstairs. There’s a child attached to the computer. “I’m doing my homework. It has to be handed in tomorrow.”

“Okay.” I leave her to it.

A couple of hours later I look in. She’s on Facebook. Cue argument. I disconnect the internet. She goes back to work.

At last she finishes. I take my seat. I read the last couple of pages to get back into the flow. I write a sentence. A gentle purr and the cat jumps onto the desk. She pads about on the keyboard.

I push her off and delete everything she has written. Somehow she has managed to engage some weird function thing that I don’t understand. It takes me the next half hour to sort it out.

I re-open my file. I re-read what I read earlier. I write a sentence. My husband comes in. Phone call for me.

When I get back he’s sat at the computer. “I’ll just be half an hour.” I go and get on with something else.

“Is the computer free now?” I ask as he emerges.

He shakes his head. He’s just bought some something. It’s downloading. It’ll be another four hours.

Looks like I’m not going to get much writing done today.

Maybe tomorrow…


  1. I sympathise! We should be issued with diving bells and unlimited supplies of digestive biscuits.

  2. Chocolate digestives for me! :-)

  3. Oh no, that's so frustrating! I do sympathise.
    I am having trouble writing at the moment, mainly because of distractions such as ebay.
    I know. Have some self control!

  4. Get yourself a little netbook, Kate! Just for you.

  5. I know exactly what you mean, its frustrating how life gets in the way. The cat once walked across the keyboard of my daughters laptop and the keypad would not work. So I took it to a local computer shop to have it fixed, expecting it to cost serious money and the two guys in there began to laugh, apparantly there is a two combination that locks the keypad and the clever cat had done this.
    I agree with Crowe, a notebook is a good idea.

  6. LOL Paul - glad I'm not the only one with an errant cat!
    I think I'll have to check out notebooks! Could be one for my Christmas list!

  7. How do you cope? I'd go insane if I had to battle for writing time.


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