Monday, 13 June 2011

Expect the Unexpected

As writers we strive to avoid predictability.

There is nothing more satisfying for a reader than the unexpected turn of events – and yet, when you think back, the clues were all there.

Sometimes it's obvious right from the start where a story is going to go. You want to be surprised, but the writer fails to deliver.

Some writers have this down to a fine art. I'll talk a bit more about this in my next post when I will be reviewing some of the children's and YA books I've been reading recently. One of the writers does this extremely well.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already seen it check out the latest Dr Who episode for an excellent example. Wow! I can’t say any more than that --- Spoilers!

I really love it when something unexpected happens. Walking through the fields in the evening sunshine a few days ago we spotted something moving in the grass up ahead. I thought, perhaps a small dog.

But no.

When we got closer it heard us and turned around….

I never expected that!


  1. Love the photo! I agree, there's nothing better than a surprise twist.

  2. And what a surprise - it's really unusual to see them out in the open like this!

  3. Boss photo of the badger. I have never seen one out in the daylight like that.
    Not so sure about Dr Who, I did not get the name clue either, but I am not sure that much really happened in the episode other than giving the bbc a chance to reprise a lot of characters. If you think about it the plastic baby was even signposted at the end of the previous episode. I enjoyed the show until I thought about it.

  4. Cute badger. Yes unexpected twists are really satisfying if they don't challenge reality too much. I saw Doc Who? too, though hubby and I were offering suggestions as to the identity before it happened.:O)

  5. This kind of reminds me of the 'coincidence' issue I've had in some of the books I've read. Scenes used for plot convenience irk me something aweful.

  6. Paul, and Madeleine, I guess after a while we get used to a wrier's style and it gets easier to second guess them. Gives the writer a new challenge to keep us on our toes.

    And Hi there Creepy. I saw your blog post on this subject. It was a good one.


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