Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Fate of 'Myth Making'

There comes a time when you finally realise that your much loved novel isn’t actually as good as you originally thought. So, with a tear and a fond farewell you consign it to “The-Box-Under-The-Bed”.

A few months ago this is what happened to my previous novel – the children’s adventure story originally titled Myth Making.

Two things led me to this decision.

Firstly the fact that, despite several requests for fulls, the agents concerned all came back with similar comments in the rejections.

And secondly I was nearing completion of WRRW, making the final pass of edits, getting it ready to send out into the big bad world and start the whole process over again.

I think this is why you should always follow the advice that while your novel is out on submission you should get on with writing a better one.

There were a number of fairly fundamental flaws in Myth Making and I’ll talk about these in blog posts to come.

But one thing to remember – although a novel may have been consigned to TBUTB the ideas a characters live on. One day they will return – in a very different story and a very different form – but they will be back!


  1. Yes, it's hard to let go, but it's good to recycle:)

    Good luck with your newer novel. What does WRRW mean?

  2. Ah, it's a cryptic anagram of the working title - But I'm not going to say what it stands for just yet.

    A girl's got to keep a bit of mystery.


  3. You have a cryptic anagram... mine is still 'the book'... I have not idea what it's called. lol

    I have a few other projects floating around that I have given up on. It was tough. Maybe someday one of them will creep back in.

  4. That's the beauty of making myths, isn't it? (that they live on)

    Every unpublished work is a window to a new, better written word.

  5. Oops - I meant acronym - not anagram (must stop doing these crosswords)

    Cheers all. I think it's a stage that every writer reaches at some point :-)

  6. I have written several stories that will never see the light of day. Can't say the characters in those books will be back either. But one never knows.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  7. Kate,

    It's a tough decision but it sounds like you've come to terms with it. But, yes, absolutely, it's never wasted.

  8. Maybe you will come back to it with fresh ideas. My upcoming book was once a partially fleshed-out story that bore no resemblance to its current form. I stuck it away, forgot about it, and when I found it again decided the characters were too strong to die that way.

  9. Oh Kate I know the feeling well. ((hugs))

  10. Oh, I'm glad you're going back to your story or recycle at least. All your hard work under the bed? No. Keep plugging away.
    Great post.


  11. Hi Kate,
    I'm glad to hear you write short stories. Congrats on your publications! I love writing short stories. When a story gets rejected, I see it as an opportunity to make it better and send it again. Fellow authors and mentors also say not to rest on your laurels and whether your novel/story gets accepted or rejected you should always have another project on hand.
    Do you publish your stories in journals/literary magazines?
    Hope to see you in my neighborhood. I just became your latest follower ;)

  12. Hi Kate, I just joined your latest batch of followers. I also just joined you in kicking a novel under the bed. Same basic idea. I got asked for partials a few times, but always a rejection for the same reason. It is discouraging, and my next project is not nearly as far along as yours. Makes me wish I had been working harder on it while querying. But we live and learn :) I'm looking forward to reading more from you.

  13. Good luck with the new novel and well done on all the short stories - I've enjoyed the ones I've read so far.

    Look forward to reading about what you feel were the fundamental flaws of MM. Do you think you'll resurrect it in the future?

  14. Yes but,
    my novel that is about to come out was "under the bed" for years. When I pulled it out again I thought "what a bad writer I am". However I still really liked the main characters and the plot so I re-wrote. Then it worked.

  15. Ah that's a shame. I have a novel under the bed too. It's three quarters written and was too far out of any genre to hold together - maybe one day it'll take shape. Your story has an intriguing title!

  16. I can relate to that - I've a few mss in TBUTB.

  17. First-Hi, and thanks for finding me and visiting my blog. *waves* Nice to follow it back to your delightful blog.

    On to my comment--YES. It is very important to always keep moving forward writing new stories.
    Also, considering you got requests for fuels, and feedback with your rejections...I wouldn't leave it under that bed forever. Sounds like you have something that can be rewritten into what it could be/should be. I hope you do revisit it when the time is right. :)


  18. Great blog! Zoe pointed me this way, and I'm digging it!

  19. Thanks all for stopping by - and coming up soon - exciting news about WRRW!!


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