Thursday, 4 March 2010

Where Stories Lurk

I often see writers being asked where they get their ideas from, and this always strikes me as a very odd question. You see stories are all around us, everywhere we turn; snippets of overheard conversation, strange looking buildings, those quirky items on the news.

Or even in the middle of a field.

On the map this is marked as an old dairy. A walled enclosure and a ruined building, now wild with trees and brambles - a small oasis of history in the middle of a field of young rape. The old meets the new.

There are many stories here. We only have to look a little deeper.


  1. I think I just spotted one behind that bush!

  2. It seems there's more to this old farmhouse than meets the eye - I've just heard from a friend on facebook that it was in fact once a film set - it was used at the exterior of Boldwood's house in the 1967 film Far From The Madding Crowd. Apparently it still had its thatch back then and wasn't long abandoned. How strange. I thought it was much older.

    Seems there's quite a fascinating story lurking here!

  3. Agreed - good thought - there are ideas everywhere, and this is a great photo!

  4. Thanks Brahm. It's only a little point and shoot camera but it does me :-)


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