Monday, 29 March 2010

Natasha Solomon's Book Launch

On Saturday we headed inland for the launch of Natasha Solomon's novel 'Mr Rosemblum's List'. I have been following Natasha's blog for some time now and it was lovely to finally meet her in person.

The village hall was all decked out with bunting, and cream teas were being scoffed. Natasha read from her book - a piece describing the very hall we were all sitting in.

And we even spotted a wooly pig (but for some reason blogger has decided not to let me upload the picture I took of it!!)

As for the book I bought - I'm really enjoying it!


  1. I went to her blog and read about the book. It sounds interesting-- is it available in the U.S?

  2. Yes, it certainly will be. It'll be under the title 'Mr Rosenblum dreams in English'. Keep and eye on Natasha's blog for updates :-)


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