Friday, 1 January 2010

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone.

A new year and a new decade. I hope everyone has been letting it in with style. I wonder what 2010 will hold as far as my writing is concerned?

At the start of 2009 I set myself a number of writing targets. So I thought I would revisit them and see how I got on.

Here they are:

1. Find an Agent to represent Myth Making
Nope, although I’ve come close twice with this one, and it’s not over yet!
2. Sell a short story to a SWFA pro market
Nope, no joy with this one
3. Sell more short stories than in 2008 (more than 3)
Nope, only two sales this year
4. Complete first draft of current WIP.
Nope, only half written, due to the amount of time I’ve spent on the rewrites of novel 1.
5. Enter the Yeovil Prize again.
Well yes – I managed this one – didn’t come anywhere though!
6. Start putting reviews on my blog.
And at last a proper yes, a couple of reviews and also some guests.

Well that wasn’t particularly successful was it? :-(

But just a moment – if you a reader of Nicola Morgan’s blog you’ll have seen this post about writing resolutions.

Looking at these targets again perhaps they weren’t the smartest. The first three are clearly aspirations – they’re my ambitions, not fully in my control. The last three are the only true targets. So, 2 out of three. Not so bad.

Bearing that in mind here are my new writing targets for 2010.

1. Complete the final rewrite of novel 1 and get it back to that agent!
2. Get novel 1 back out in circulation should Mr Agent pass.
3. Complete first draft of WIP
4. Complete 6 new SF short stories
5. Maintain my blog with guest and reviews and interesting writing articles.

On that note it just remains for me to wish everyone a Happy New Year – may all our writing dreams come true in 2010!

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