Saturday, 9 January 2010


There’s a bit of an easterly swell coming in today. Fresh and ever so cold. A good day for walking along the beach and trying to untangle all the conflicting advice I’m getting at the moment about the novel I’ve been rewriting.


  1. Hi Kate,
    Just dropping in from Nicola's.
    She is such an inspiration to me. So I've set up my own blog at

    Feel free to drop by or see you around at Litopia
    aka Bossy Spice

  2. You're making me very jealous, I love the sea but am landlocked here in Wiltshire.

    Just visiting from Nicola's blog party.

    Helena xx

  3. Another emigree from Nicola's party, and Strictly Writing. I recognise your name from Another Place, I think - didn't you do rather well in the Yeovil Prize? I'm susieangela there.
    I live in Cornwall and have been 'snowed in' for the last four days! Your seascape is wonderful.

  4. Brrrrr, I'm fed up with feeling so cold! But sitting in my warm study with a hot water bottle, I was certainly uplifted by your lovely seascape. Makes me think of spring...

    Good luck with everything you do.

  5. Found your link from Nicola's blog. The sea looks totally amazing. Bristol is not that pretty in snow, though far sight better than usual. :-)

  6. Thank you all for popping by. I'll be visiting all your blogs too :-)

  7. Hi Kate, I love the look of your blog. Nice to meet you! (aka Nicola's blog). I'm adding myself as a follower, and I look forward to more of your scribbles!

  8. Hello Sea Serpent
    Like all the others I've just stepped outside Nicola's party for a quick chat with another guest.
    Will definitely want to come back to take a proper look at your site.

  9. Hi Kate, just popped over from Nicola's blog. Ah, I'm jealous; I was back in my home village in the NE near the sea, but now am back in London far far away from the beach. Take a walk along there from me!

    I'm a writer too, and you can find me over here: if you wanted to stop by :)

    Happy 2010.

    Jen x

  10. Thanks for stopping by, and for leading me to such wonderful new blogs!


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