Monday, 30 March 2009

Ruins in Seattle

If anyone reading this lives near enough to the Seattle area there are going to be a number of book signing/reading events for the Ruins series of books from Hadley Rille Books – That’s Ruins Terra, Ruins Extraterrestrial and Ruins Metropolis – two of which (Ruins Terra and Ruins Metropolis) contain stories of mine.

Details here

Unfortunately it’s on the wrong side of the pond for me but Eric tells me he is trying to get something organised over here and if he does I’ll let you know.

And in other news my contributor’s copy of Escape Velocity Magazine dropped through the letterbox at the weekend - and there - nestling among the fascinating articles and fabulous fiction is my story ‘Cone Key’.

If you haven’t already ordered yourself a copy I strongly suggest you do! You really won’t regret it.

I’d post a picture of it since it looks so lovely – if only I can find out where my hubby has hidden the charger for my camera!


  1. Excellent stuff, Kate. I might even dabble in downloading my first ever e-book... :-)

  2. It'll be worth it - I assure you!


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