Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Competition Time

I am contemplating whether to enter any writing competitions this year.

I think I’ll probably have a go at the Yeovil Prize again. I like to support this one, partly since it is my local prize, and partly because I’ve done well in it in previous years, culminating last year in me winning the Western Gazette award for a local author as I was shortlisted in two categories, with my novel, Myth Making being highly commended.

Competitions with a category for novels are few and far between, but this year, I’m not sure my WIP is far enough along to enter. Perhaps I’ll save it for next year, or maybe, by the time the deadline approaches (31st May) I’ll feel differently.

But I will definitely be having a go at the short story category. It’s written, just needs a bit of a spit and polish and I’ll send it in.

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