Tuesday, 17 February 2009


For some years now I’ve been looking at my late father’s memoirs gathering dust on my hard drive and thought how nice it would be to get them into print for family and friends. The problem always was that we only need a handful of copies between us, and most people from my writers group who have self published have used printers that do print runs of several hundred, which, in this case is quite unnecessary. Add to this the fact that any form of self publishing or vanity publishing is completely off the agenda as far as my own work is concerned, it was looking as if my father’s memoirs were destined to remain for ever electronic.

But then a new guy at my writers group, David Smith, told me about Lulu.com. So I checked them out, and came to the conclusion that, for what I needed, they might be the way to go.

Well, worth a try. So I re-formatted his old Macintosh file and uploaded it. And I managed to dig out a photograph to use for the cover, and I can keep the file private – most important since this is family stuff and not for public consumption.

So all I need to do now is order one and see what it looks like. And hopefully that’s this year’s birthday present for my Mum sorted!


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