Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Celebrating UKYA

There’s a whisper among the kids and a buzz around the internet. Something exciting is happening in the world of children’s literature. A new phrase is on the tips of everyone’s tongues. It is gaining momentum. It is UKYA.

For too long the Young Adult market has been dominated by the big hit bestsellers from across the pond. It still is and it probably always will be. But there is a huge and often untapped resource of British Young Adult books – books that bring something fresh to the genre, books that are often quite special and quite unique.

And it is these books we want to celebrate – British authors, often a British setting – there are amazing books out there just waiting to be discovered!

And it’s already started.

A really good starting point is the UKYA website. Here’s you’ll find details of a huge range of UKYA books, as well various Top Ten lists. Browse the shelves. Do you see something that takes your fancy? I bet you will!

And then there’s this initiative – Project UKYA. Its new, it’s exciting – a celebration of all things UKYA.

You can also find a number of UKYA authors over at Author Allsorts. Yes I’m one of them. Can you guess which one is my mascot? Look for the green eyes!

And there’s going to be a big UKYA event next year in London. I’ll be keeping an eye out for that!

So let’s keep the buzz going. Let us celebrate all things UKYA!

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