Monday, 10 September 2012

An End... and a Beginning

Yesterday the Olympics came to a close. The children took part in a huge parade through the town, dressed up as sea creatures in a vast array of colour. And when we got home we watched the closing ceremony spectacular on television.

I’m sad to see it go. The Olympics have been wonderful. They made this summer special. But summer too is coming to an end.

The seasons turn.

Yet there’s no time to be sad. Good things are happening. New adventures beckon. And for me it’s time to pack away the beach gear and get back to the serious business of writing. The WIP is entering the final act – the race to the curtain – and I hope that I’ll get the first draft down by the end of the month.

And there’s more…. Only I’m going to make you wait….


  1. It's sad that all good things must end. But England did a great job with both olympics.

  2. I'm glad the Olympics went so well, it seemed to unite the country

  3. Oh that's cruel, making us wait!

    It really feels like the end of an era now the Olympics are finished, short as the period was, it's a summer which will be hard to beat. Let's just hope the Olympic 'legacy' still happens. Potentially selling off school playing fields wasn't really what I'd envisaged going forward. Hmm.

  4. Yes, sad to see the end of such a wonderful summer. But, onwards and upwards!

  5. There's more? And I have to wait?? Gah!

  6. I know - I'm such a tease! ;-)

  7. I'm happy you had a fabulous summer. I can't wait to see what comes next!

  8. I was sad to see the Olympics go but not so about the summer. I prefer autumn and late winter, when the weather keeps you indoors and writing.

    There's more? And we have to wait? Nooooo.

  9. Hi Kate,
    Ah yes, the Olympics has ended, yet the spirit of humanity gathering together in a cause that goes beyond sports, shall live on.
    And now, with reflection and mixed emotions, your writing journey moves along and across the finish line.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star! xx


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