Monday, 19 March 2012

A Fresh Perspective

Every day the sea is different. In fact it can change within hours – one moment a mirror like calm and then a storm can blow up seemingly from nowhere and the waters are heaped into spray streaked mountains.

Sometimes it’s not so easy to spot the changes - soil creep on a hillside. Have things changed since I last climbed up here? I’m not so sure.

It’s when you go back after a time away that you start to see the differences. You spot where the winter floods have changed the course of a stream, or a rotting tree trunk that is now covered with cramp balls.

Or in this case that the cliffs have crumbled back a little further.

In the same way I’m taking a break from my WIP. I’ve promised myself that I won’t even look at it for this entire month. That way when I read it once more I’ll be coming to it fresh, and if anything isn’t right I’ll (hopefully) spot it.

And anyway, it’s fun to do something different, to dabble with new ideas, meet new characters and explore new settings.

No writing time is ever wasted time.


  1. sometimes all you really need is some time off to find new perspective. I tend to read A LOT. Gives me ideas...

  2. I love putting work aside for a while. The subconscious comes up with all sorts of clever ideas while we're not really thinking about it.

    Hope you come up with some great new ideas and characters!

  3. Hardest thing in the world sometimes, to step away from a MS for a few weeks. But you're doing exactly the right thing - it makes editing so much clearer. Make the effort to print out a hard copy too - that also ( strangely ) makes reviewing and redrafting much more effective ( for me anyway ).

  4. There's something magical in the way the work carries on even when you aren't conciously doing it. Like having elves in the kitchen. Enjoy the time away.

  5. Love the photo. Doing other things no matter how mundane can often trigger the right brain and it's amazing how ideas/inspiration sometimes come out of nowhere when you're doing the chores! Enjoy the downtime and you may be itching to get back to the MS :)

  6. @Creepy - definately reading - finally catching up with everyone else and reading The Hunger Games!

    @Shirly - so true - my subconcious comes up with the strnagest things when I least expect it!

    @Dean - good idea about the printout - I'll try that!

    @Thomas - elves in the kitchen? Oh yes please!

    @Tracy - cheers - itching to get back to it already!

    Did anybody recognise those cliffs?


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