Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Feast of a Festival

There’s an exciting new Festival coming to Somerset – The Brympton festival which will include literature, music and art as well as fine food and lots more.

There’s an impressive lineup of authors – and an exciting programme of events. And guess what - I’m going to be one of the authors taking part.

On the evening of Friday 20th April I will be part of a panel of authors who have been successful in the Yeovil Prize. We have been asked to talk about what our success in the prize has meant for us as writers.

I have to admit I feel like a bit of a poor relative at this one – all the other authors on the panel have already got book deals for their successful novels while I am still at the Agented but not yet Published stage. I’m also the only one who writes children’s books and Sci-Fi!

Lets’ hope a bit of their success rubs off on me.

In case you are interested here are the websites of the other authors on the panel:

BA Morton
Terri Armstrong
Jackie Gingell

And you can find details of the Brympton festival here:


  1. That is great! Congratulations!

  2. What a wonderful opportunity! As the only children's author on the panel, you will have a unique perspective to offer. And congratulations on being represented by The Greenhouse Literary Agency! I look forward to hearing about your publishing successes.

  3. Congratulations, I might try and get there-not sure if I am in Somerset that weekend.

  4. Good luck, and publication will come. Your 'first prize' is being with Greenhouse

  5. How cool is this?

    I absolutely admire people who can do things like this - I'd be useless at such things! It looks like a gorgeous place to be for the day too. Lucky you!

  6. Thanks all, I'm looking forward to it - should be quite an experience! I definately let you know how it goes!

  7. Hello from the campaign! Ditto what Celesta said. I would love to be as far along as you are. Instead I feel like I fell right off that cliff in your previous post. Two critiques came back from authors I really like, but they didn't like my book at all! Too much craziness they didn't understand. So I'm rewriting in first person and put a new intro on my blog to better prepare adults for something that's more like James and the Giant Peach than the serious SF/fantasy they expected from the first few chapters. Sigh. How much is enough? I'd love to hear your opinion at, next to last post.

  8. You'll have a blast, and you won't be like the poor relative at all! Every published author has been either agented-but-not-yet-published or just plain unpublished at some point in their career, and you've published quite a bit of short fiction anyway. So there!

  9. Hmm. I appear to have been missed off the programme.

  10. Sounds fantastic, Kate and I wouldn't worry, everyone has their own neuroses, they'll all feel inadequate in their own sweet ways, you'll see! Enjoy, you'll be great.


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