Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hell Bottom

In the hills behind my house is a network of footpaths and on one a sign saying ‘Hell Bottom’. So I decided to follow it and see where it led, and I came to this place.

It’s been a fine house in its day but I can’t help wondering – Who lived here? What happened? Why did they leave?

What a brilliant hideout it would make for one of my characters!

And why on Earth is it called ‘Hell Bottom’?


  1. Er, Kate, maybe the apostrophe has fallen off. Maybe this house was notorious for some other reason:)

  2. Ah - good theory - maybe - who knows ;-)

  3. It's a fascinating mystery. I think the name might be too melodramatic for a story though.

  4. I smell the beginnings of an Ednid Blyton story here. Look out for Timmy and George. Tell Julian to get stuffed - and don't trust the Uncle.


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