Thursday, 28 April 2011

Shiny New Idea

One word was all it took.

One word in a technical report I was reading at work. The sun was shining outside my office window and my thoughts kept drifting to my children who were spending the day out sailing in the bay. I had to keep dragging my attention back to what I was supposed to be reading.

And then….

One word.

A concept I hadn’t come across before. It leaped out from the page and struck me between the eyes, and I sat for long moments staring at it.

And as I stared a character began to form. She took shape and substance and started to whisper to me, her voice getting louder, more urgent. I think I’ll call her Lisa. And Lisa has a story to tell.

One word and a whole new world grew up around me.

One word.

One day I’ll tell you what that word was.


  1. Great stuff, Kate. Love it when something like this happens.

    Similar experience for me yesterday - I'd dropped the car off to have a tyre changed, walked round to the shop and decided to go a different way back, which took me through some of our childhood stomping grounds. In particular, it took me past a huge rectangular building, which used to the old Milk Marketing Association, I think. It's totally out of place - smack bang in the middle of an area of little terraced houses and back streets.

    It was derelict for a long time, and now has been painted and has different colour doors down one side - yellow, red, blue. No real indication of who owns it or what goes on in there; it's just a strange old building, with most of its windows blacked out.

    As I walked past, I thought - what the hell is this place used for? And from that, came a spark...

    I'll let that thought stew for a while, but, you're right, the smallest thing can set off a very cool chain of events.

  2. It's true. Ideas come from the strangest places. I guess the trick is always to be open to them.

  3. Wonderful stuff! Might the word make a good title do you think?


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