Friday, 4 March 2011

A Sense of Place

When I write I always like to set my stories in places I've actually visited. For instance, I've never set a story in modern day America and the reason is simple - I've never been there.

Of course I haven't been to the Moon either but since so few people have I think that, with the right amount of research, I can get away with it.

The reason for this is simple. I like to feel a place when I write about it. It's not something tangible, but if I can feel a place as I write, then hopefully the reader can too.

So as you've seen from my previous post I've been in Germany. I've been there before of course, but the fact remains that Germany 'feels' very different from say France or Italy - and that's just in Europe - go further afield and the feeling is different again.

I was lucky to be there for the Bremen Carnival. No pictures can capture the atmosphere - the pounding drums of the parade, the crush of people, the vendors selling bratwurst and giant pretzels, and of course, much drinking of beer. But here are some anyway.


  1. Some wild photos! I write science fiction, so I have to make it all up...

  2. Love these photos! I've never been Europe (sigh). Really hope to go someday.

  3. Alex, yes - that's the good thing about SF!

    Hi Jennifer, thanks for stopping by. I hope you do get the chance to venture across the pond - I hope to put right the fact I've never been to America ASAP!!

  4. Ohhh, great pics! It looks like such a wonderful time!

    I write mostly science fiction and fantasy so I have to create most of my world in my mind. But now I'm working on a YA alternate history and I envision the third book in the trilogy to take place in Germany. I've been to Germany but over ten years ago so I would LOVE to head back for "research" purposes. Haha.

    You should most definitely visit the U.S.! And the Washington, DC area ain't too shabby. :)

  5. You had me at beer. Though giant pretzels didn't hurt either.

  6. Research sounds like the perfect excuse to travel Caroline. Hmm, now where shall I set my next book.

    And Travis - Bremen is where they brew Becks ;-) cheers mate!

  7. Really cool place! I would probably want to write about a place like that too.


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