Thursday, 16 December 2010

Me and My Caganer

Last Christmas my Catalan friend brought me back a caganer when she went home to Barcelona for Christmas.

So this year my Nativity scene has an interesting addition. And here she is in all her glory, squatting in the bushes round the back of the stable. Isn’t she great?

The Catalan people are very keen on their Nativity scenes, making them much more elaborate that the simple stable gatherings we Brits have, and there is always a caganer, somewhere in the background. Traditionally it is a little peasant boy having a dump, but if you take a look at the caganer website you can see that they now come as a wide range of celebritites, footballers, and I’m guessing that some of those I don’t recognise are Spanish politicians.

The kids think my caganer is fabulous. I think it’s a tradition that should be introduced over here.

So Happy Christmas dear blog readers. And if you have any interesting or unusual festive traditions where you come from that you think I should adopt do let me know about them.


  1. I have never heard of a caganer before. Am I the only one? I'm torn between shock and giggles right now.

  2. OMG, that is hilarious. I've never heard of the caganer before!

  3. Not often that I'm lost for words when commenting on blogs....

  4. I wonder if Her Maj would recognise herself...

  5. You guys from across the pond - did you see the Barak Obama one?

    And as for the expression on the face of Silvio Berlusconi - wonderful.

    Poo indeed Thomas :-)

  6. Oh wow! This is the first I've ever heard of caganers. The child in me is very amused! :)

  7. Yes, my inner child loves this sort of thing. Let's hope I never grow up!

  8. I'm really happy to see that more people are learning about Catalan culture! And I wanted to drop a thank you line.

    It is very much a part of our culture to think of people as people and try to bring everyone to the same level, which I think has a lot to do with this tradition. As a kid I also remember eating christmas candy from bedpans shaped like, well, you can imagine. It was delicious and it makes for a joke everytime. They still sell them, of course. That's our take on Christmas! Weird for many I guess, but harmless fun for us!

    Anyways, thanks for sharing! Perhaps "castellers" next time?

    A fan from Barcelona ;)


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