Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Guest Author: David Bridger.

Please welcome today’s guest, David Bridger. David’s debut novella ‘Beauty and the Bastard’ has just been released as an e-book from Liquid Silver Books

Hello David, Welcome to the Scribbling SeaSerpent.

Thank you for inviting me to the Scribbling Serpent, Kate. It's a pleasure to be here.

Please could you tell us a bit about ‘Beauty and the Bastard’?

Beauty and the Bastard is a paranormal romance novella about a dangerous love in dangerous times, involving a tortured fallen angel who works as a bounty hunter for powerful urban demon families, and the modern-day demon princess he is hired to protect when those who mean her harm get too close for comfort.

What draws you to Paranormal Romance?

I love paranormal romance, and her brother genre urban fantasy, for their dark and delicious danger. I love the battered and bruised characters who strive to find light in the darkness against all odds and most people's better judgement. And I love the coolness of it all. These are very cool genres.

The e-book market is fairly new. How do you see it evolving?

The ease of self-publishing via ebooks and POD has exploded the potential for every man and his dog to put their stuff out there. But I honestly don't believe this huge wave of self-published (and largely unedited, and therefore quite often rubbish) books will pose any threat to anyone. I don't think it will do much of anything, really, except just sit there.

The only authors who will thrive in that medium are the ones who would thrive anyway - or who are already thriving. Good writers, in other words, many of whom are already published and who are extending their reach via self-publishing.

Professionally published ebooks come from two different segments of the industry.

There are the ebook-first ones, such as those from a small group of well-established and very succesful epublishers of the various romance sub-genres. My publisher is one of them. In my opinion, these guys have it sussed. Their authors and readers are respected, well-treated and happy, and who can ask for more than that?

Then there are the traditional publishers who are trying to muscle in on the ebook market, mostly through fear. Their sweaty desperation is clear to see, and they're throwing their weight around the same way they always have. If they had any common sense and really wanted to learn how to succeed in the electronic market, they would study how dedicated epublishers go about their business. But I won't hold my breath on that one.

Do you need to buy and e-book reader in order to enjoy an e-book?

No. I don't have one, but that doesn't stop me from buying about 50% of the books I read from epublishers. I'm quite comfortable reading on my PC screen, actually, and I use my netbook as an ereader when I want to take a proper break from the computer.

So how does it feel to be published?

Absolutely bloody brilliant!

Honestly, I'm over the moon. I was about to trot out the "words fail me" phrase just then, but that's even less true right now than it usually is. So I'll dam the enthusiastic river and just say: it's wonderful.

Can you tell us about your journey to publication?

I always wanted to writing novels when I came home from sea eventually, but I didn't expect that homecoming to happen traumatically and in my early thirties. I was badly injured and it took me several years to regain movement and mobility. Learning how to write novels helped me stay sane during that long process.

And once I thought I'd cracked the creative learning bit, when my first novel was complete and I thought I was ready to start learning the business side of writing, that's when I really started to learn.

Joining a good writing community was an invaluable step in the right direction at that point, as was finding and joining other communities along the way and, later again, teaming up with my wonderful crit partners. Without those most excellent people, I'd still be stumbling around in the wilderness.

So what else do you have in the pipeline?

I'm writing another paranormal romance at the moment. It's set in the same world as Beauty and the Bastard, but features a new cast of characters. I love it!

Thankyou David for stopping by. And you can buy Beauty and the Bastard here.



  1. Great interview! I like David's take on epublishing lol. Only I want to know more, like how are the established epublishers doing it well, and how are the traditional ones who are muscling in out of fear doing it wrong?

  2. I used to read my eBooks on the PC as well until I got an iPad.
    I admire that a man can do romance. Just introducing a female character into my current work has thrown me for a loop.

  3. Hi Karen, and thank you!

    I think what the best and most established romance epublishers are doing right, is treating their readers and authors well.

    They talk with (and listen to!) readers. They seek to involve them in the community. And they keep their book prices very reasonable.

    Throughout the romance epublishing industry, the atmosphere is one of friendly, helpful, generous respect.

  4. Thank you, Alex!

    I love one of Melvin's lines in the film As Good As It Gets. When someone asks him how he writes women so well, he says, "I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability."

    Of course, he may say that, but I couldn't possibly comment. :)

  5. I agree one hundred percent with what David has to say about e-publishing and that self-publishing does not pose any kind of threat. I think some people (including professionals) try to say that epublishers don't edit in the same way. This is not true. My own book, which will be published in the next month or two, is going through vigorous editing.

    Well done, David. Once I start getting my royalties I'll buy an iPad and start reading! Ha ha..

  6. PS - I should say that I'm "suemont" on 'that other site'!

  7. I'm looking forward to reading your book, Sue. Not long now! :)

  8. Congrats, David! Well done on your success. How did you choose your genre? Was it from reading lots of paranormal romance?

  9. Congratulations on your debut release, David. I'm a huge paranormal fan too. You have a gorgeous cover.

  10. Thank you, Charlotte! Yes, paranormal romance and urban fantasy are my two favourite genres to read.

    Thank you, Shelley! My cover is by Amanda Kelsey and I love it. You have many gorgeous covers. I think my favourite is Tiger By The Tail.

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  12. Hi, David!

    Your take on the eBook market is, well, bloody brilliant! My big gripe is hearing about how some "big" publishers are gouging the market with overpriced ebooks...but that's an arguement for another day.

    Heartiest congrats, my friend! We angels-and-demons authors may give those vampire and werewolf folks a run for their money yet! ;)


  13. Hi, Dani, and thank you!

    We may yet. Although I must confess to a fondness for vampires and werewolves too. :)

  14. Nice interview! His book sounds like a great read. Thanks for following my blog. I'm following you too! It's nice to meet another science-ish person by day and writer by night!


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