Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Face to Face with an Agent

Every so often I spot Literary Agents offering 1-2-1 sessions at literary festivals. I’ve often wondered what these entail. Are they slots in which you get to pitch your work, or are they more like writing surgeries where the Agent will critique your submission?

I’ve no idea – but I’m going to find out.

I’ve just booked myself a 20 minute slot with a major London Agent at the forthcoming Frome Festival. I’ve popped my sample chapter in the post, and now I’m wondering what I’ve let myself in for.

I’ll certainly be back here to blog all about it after the event, but in the meantime has anyone else done one of these?

If you have do please comment below and let me know what happened. I’m ever so curious.


  1. I did one on ones with authors at a conference last year (as an editor for WiDo Publishing), and it's really impossible to critique when they hand it to you right then. The fact that you got to submit it ahead of time will help. Personality in these opportunities counts for a LOT. One expects the author to be somewhat nervous, but eye contact, smiles and a well-rehearsed pitch and ability to discuss your work is a huge selling factor for any author. Because even if the work itself is impressive the agent or editor will be thinking, "Do I want to or could I work with this author?"

  2. Best of luck - I hope something comes from it.

  3. That's great!

    And I like the title of your blog. I should've done more with mine, but I wanted people to find me by my name.

  4. I've done these one-to-ones at the Winchester writers' conference.

    There, you send your first chapter off ahead of time, so by the time you meet the agent, they have had a chance to read and make notes.

    I always hope that the agent will say, 'this is fantastic - I want to read the rest'. But in reality they go through some constructive comments on where they feel I could improve my chances of getting in with a different agent in future....


  5. Oooh thanks - that's all really interesting :-)

  6. I haven't got any advice to shed, but just thought I'd pop in and wish you luck!

    Look forward to your next update :)

  7. Good luck with that, we make our own succcess. Hugs...


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