Thursday, 11 February 2010

Grabbed by the Throat

We drove to the Alps last week to go skiing, and as we drove through the mountains I stared up at their snow clad slopes and dark forests and allowed my thoughts to wander.

And as usual, at times like this, when my mind is empty and I’m not thinking about writing at all, along comes a new idea, sliding into my head from out of nowhere.

And as we drove and the snow started coming down it began to grow.

I’ve been buzzing with it all day, jotting down notes as they occur to me, and it’s growing, developing, taking shape like a piece of unformed clay in a potters hands. At first it was one story, but now I see it could be a series.

And it’s exciting. It’s very exciting.

But I’m not ready to write it just yet. Let it mature a little bit longer, like a good wine.

And anyway, I’m right in the middle of writing WRRW, and that one isn’t about to let me go.

So many stories – so little time to actually sit down and write them!! This one is just going to have to be patient!


  1. What beautiful picture. I hope you had fun on the Alps and look forward to reading the stories

    Kate xx

  2. Thaks guys. I can't take credit for the photo though - my husband took it :-)

  3. Visiting you from Litopia and immediately bookmarking for further reading ... Isn't it a thrill to be grabbed by a story? I've got a new novel idea that I just can't stop thinking about it. The problem is that it's about number 7 in the list. I don't know why I feel so much pressure to write it All Now, when really, I have the rest of my life to write.


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