Friday, 1 May 2009

Colours of Spring

Another gorgeous day, and the valley before me is awash with yellow - fields and fields of oilseed rape smothering the landscape like a blanket - and ocean of yellow aglow in the sunlight, lapping at the base of the ridge.

Every year more and more fields seem to be planted with rape - more brilliant yellow to herald the coming of spring.

It's far too lovely a day to get much writing done. But perhaps I'll take some printouts into the garden in the hope of doing some editing. They are all coming together at the moment so I'm pleased with the progress I've made.
The WIP however has run into a small glitch - one of the minor characters has muzzled her way into the action. Don't you just hate it when they do that? She's been there for a couple of chapters now, but she's not contributing anything to the plot. Sorry Lucy. I'm afraid you've got to go.


  1. Beautiful countryside. I was driving down your way last weekend and I noticed the high amount of yellow fields too. Like me, you and your writing seem to be affected by the seasons and what they bring. Hope you're feeling suitably inspired.

  2. I agree, Kate. Stunning scenery, very inspiring after what seemed like an interminable winter. I was just looking through your credits: Murky Depths, Hub, Arkham Tales and soon Jupiter SF...we seem to be following a similar trail through this mad wilderness! :) Good luck with your writing! Lee

  3. That looks beautiful...the closest to that I've seen are mustard seeds in north india. Where was this taken?

  4. Cheers guys - yes I do find the seasons and the countryise inspirational - and in answer to your question Rover, this is Dorset. :-)


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