Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Great Agent Hunt

The hunt is now underway. I’ve rolled in their dung to disguise my scent and I’m creeping up on them from downwind. There’s quite a lot of slush around here mind, which is getting in the way.

I’m surprised at how many of them they are, all crowding round the publishers watering hole. So far they haven’t spotted me, and I’m inching closer, ready to pounce. Ugh, more slush – where does this all come from?

So many agents, but which one to target? Look there’s a fairly new one, floundering around over at the edge of the water. Should be easy pickings, but there’s not much flesh to it and it doesn’t seem to know anyone. That big fat one though, feasting on the riches in the deeper water, now he looks like a good wholesome meal. Oh, but see how he ignores the slush and tramples it into the mud.

Now there are other predators approaching too – I’ll have to strike soon, before one of them startles the prey and they all take off.

Like so many others I started my hunt with the Writers and Artists Yearbook, but I’ve also come across a couple of other useful things in my search.

Writersservices lists the Yearbook entries but you don’t have to buy anything. However I have noticed that a few Agents are missing.

This is a list of the Agents who are members of the Association of Authors Agents, useful to know when you are checking out a potential agent to submit to.

I’ve also come across this useful little website – Litmatch, which is full of useful information and has a handy little search facility – a great time saver!!

And not to forget Preditors and Editors, which has lists of the latest scammers and sharks that you want to avoid!!

Wish me luck guys - here I go...


  1. I found you via Lynn Price. Interesting blog you have and thanks for the links in this post.

    I haven't attempted to sell any short stories and don't have much clue how - but am tempted.

    You seem to be enjoying lots of success. And good luck with your agent fishing trip.

  2. Love the whole predator-prey thing you've got agoing on. You know I wish you the very best of luck babe x

  3. Thanks for the good wishes guys, and glad you found the links useful!


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