Friday, 19 September 2008

Sale to Arkham Tales

I've just had an e-mail from the editor of the new Weird Fiction magazine Arkham Tales accepting my short story 'And Let Them In'.

Arkham Tales will be published as a free PDF download, and it's debut issue is due out in November. It's always good to find a new paying market for this type of fiction since most of my stuff seems to fit with this genre.

At this stage I've no idea when my story likely to appear but it could be over a year from now. This sort of timescale is not uncommon in the short fiction marketplace.

I look forward to seeing how this magazine develops.


  1. Nice one, Kate. A few more successes and I'm afraid you'll have to be subjected to your very own Litopia front page story... :-)

  2. Thank you John, although compared with some of the other Litopians I'm very much small time.

    However I've just heard another exciting piece of news but I can't say anything just yet - watch this space...


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