Sunday, 17 August 2008

The Ghosts of Bodmin Jail

One rainy morning whilst camping we took refuge in Bodmin Jail to see what strange things people were executed for a hundred years ago – but stranger still was the man we met who told us about the ghosts. He was standing by a series of blurry photographs and told us that if we looked hard enough we could make out the images of the spirits that haunt this prison. Well if I screwed up my eyes and turned my head on one side I think I could make out the shadowy shapes of the figures he claimed to commune with.

But as it is natural for the human brain to see shapes in random patterns I’m really not convinced. In fact I reckon I can make my own Bodmin Jail ghost, so here’s part of a photograph that I took while I was there.
I’ve enhanced the contrast but no more. In fact I think it’s a better shadowy ghost image that the ones he had on show – and I can just make out the shadowy shape of some sort of beast – OMG! I think it’s the Beast of Bodmin!


  1. Glad you survived your holiday. I half thought of inviting you all to come and "camp" in our boatshed, where you'd have a roof over your tent, a solitary electric lightbulb, and the company of dozens of unfeasibly large spiders.

    We got caught in a freak hailstorm on the beach near Marazion last week. Very painful when you're wearing shorts and a vest top!

  2. Cheers Crowe - we did survive although I haven't finished washing off all the mud!


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