Friday, 18 July 2008

Hanging My Bithell

Today I finally got round to hanging ‘Last Light over Charmouth’, the oil on canvas by artist Stephen Bithell, that I bought during Dorset Arts Weeks.

It’s a beautiful seascape, capturing that calm of the evening that reminds me so much of the days before we had children, when we used to go diving, straight after work. As the light faded and the sea assumed the calm of a summer’s evening, still buzzing from the dive and clutching a bag of scallops or a couple of crabs, we would turn Fast Reactor back towards the Cove where she had her mooring, and the cliffs of Bats Head or Warbarrow Tout would be lit with that same quality of light that Steve captures so magnificently in his paintings.


  1. Is it possible to post a photo of the painting?

  2. Good idea, I'll give it a go - though I can't vouch for the qulity of my photography

  3. Bats Head - cool name! Reminds me of the vampires' hideout in Lost Boys. Thanks for the link Kate, appreciated.


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