Thursday, 5 June 2008

The Long Wait

Most of the short fiction markets I submit to are pretty good with their response times, but sometimes they seem to take an age.

At present my longest outstanding submission is with Dark Discoveries. They’ve now had it for 15 months and counting. When I queried them back in January they were only just getting round to their November 2006 submissions. Very frustrating since, when I submitted to them their response time was stated to be 6 months. Looking on Duotrope they’ve now got round to their January 2007 submissions. This is an awfully long time to have a story tied up with a market that, chances are, is probably going to reject it anyway. I don’t think I’ll be submitting to them again.

The other market that I’m waiting on is Dark Wisdom. Since I’ve got two stories tied up there I’ve bitten the bullet and e-mailed the editor to try to find out what’s happening. However, I’ve a lot more patience with this one since it is a SWFA pro market. The mere fact that they accepted my story in the first place was a huge boost to my confidence. So fingers crossed that it doesn’t fall foul of their restructuring.

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