Friday, 16 May 2008

Prose Café with Kate Lynch

Last night’s prose café at the Octagon Theatre was a talk by local artist Kate Lynch. Her paintings form a unique record of the Willow and basket making industries of the Somerset Levels and the book she has produced, Willow, which includes comments by the people in her pictures about their work, forms a unique rural documentary on a way of life that had its heyday in the 19th Century, but is now much reduced.

It was a fascinating talk for instance I never knew that during the war basket making was a reserved occupation, or that being buried in a willow coffin had become so popular. Next time I am up in the wetlands I will be on the lookout for the willow beds.

For more about Kate and her work check out her website:

Kate Lynch is just to the right of the sheep, sheep farming in the Somerset Levels being her next project.

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